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Sustainable Funds Monitor

Monthly assessment of trends and developments affecting the sustainable investing market segment as seen through the lens of mutual funds and ETFs. The Monitor tracks total net assets, fund flows, fund re-brandings, new fund firms, new fund launches, fund closures and performance results of sustainable funds.

Sustainable Vision Report

A 1 page snapshot offering valuable insights into various aspects of the sustainable funds industry. Covering investment management firms, mutual funds and ETFs, sustainable investing strategies as well as other relevant happenings within the industry, the Vision Report casts a wide net and will vary as to subject from week-to-week. The Sustainable Vision Report is available every Monday morning

Publicly Listed Asset Management Firms Commentary Regarding Sustainable Investing Strategies

This compilation offers publicly listed investment management company senior management level perspectives on sustainable investing industry and company-oriented trends and developments, based on asset management company quarterly earnings calls/earnings announcement comments and Q&As specifically regarding the topic of sustainable investing. Coverage extents across large-to-small cap publicly listed asset management firms. Comments, which are presented in summary form in a quickly digestible format, are extracted from full earnings call transcripts as well as earnings announcements.

Sustainable (SUSTAIN) Fund Indices

Weekly performance updates on each of the three sustainable (SUSTAIN) fund indices: The Sustainable (SUSTAIN) Large Cap Equity Fund Index, the Sustainable (SUSTAIN) Foreign Fund Index and the Sustainable (SUSTAIN) Bond Fund Index. The Indices track the total return performance of three sectors of the actively managed sustainable mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETF) market segment by combining like funds based on their investment and sustainable strategy approaches. In each instance, the indices follow the performance of the largest share class of the ten largest actively managed qualifying mutual funds and ETFs. Additional fund indices to be added over time.

Sustainable Investing Events

A summary report published monthly that captures various events, such as new fund launches, fund closings, portfolio manager changes, adoption of new sustainable investing portfolio strategies, launch of new indices, and more. Coverage extends to a range of sustainable investment products, both public and private, such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exchange-traded notes (ETNs), Unit Investment Trusts (UITs), closed-end funds and private equity funds. Compiled daily and published monthly within the first week following month-end.

Sustainable Fund Disclosure Assessments (SFDAs)

Sustainable Fund Disclosure Assessments describe a fund’s sustainable investing strategy at a glance along with a more detailed description of the approach taken by the fund to implement its strategy. SFDAs include an assessment of the fund’s transparency regarding its reporting and disclosure practices with respect to (1) applicable sustainable strategies, (2) investment decisions, (3) performance attribution and (4) its impacts and outcomes. In addition, SFDAs include an assessment of the fund’s expense ratio and performance results during time intervals covered by its sustainable investing strategy. To be launched in the second quarter 2020.

Sustainable Investing Interactive Questionnaire

A detailed self-scorning interactive questionnaire that is designed to profile and investor’s sustainable investing goals, objectives and preferences in a systematic fashion across both social and environmental considerations and serve as a vehicle to engage with investors on societal issues that are most important to them.

Access to Analysts

Direct access to lead analysts for a discussion of burning questions and to obtain timely feedback supported by independent research and analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, subscribers that sign up for a Sustainable Invest Pro Account can stay in touch with our authors via email which is provided within the dashboard of the account.

Our research is mostly targeted to institutional investors, asset owners and other practitioners who have an interest in the sustainable investing sphere as viewed through mutual funds, ETFs and other investment vehicles.  These include, for example:  (1) investment management firms, banks as well as insurance companies and their portfolio managers, research analysts, ESG analysts, strategists, marketing personnel,  and product development specialists, to mention just a few, (2) asset owners, such as endowments, foundations and pension funds, including defined contribution (401(k) plans, 401(b) and 457 plans, and (3) financial intermediaries, such as planners and distributors, wealth management platforms and robo-advisors

We draw upon decades of experience covering the investment management industry, strong analytical skills as well as research capabilities of our authors. These are combined with a dedicated focus on sustainable investing to deliver objective and independent conclusions, original opinions and actionable insights that are made available on a continuing basis.

To provide objective and independent research, analysis and insights that aim to advance the understanding and application of sustainable investing.

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