Sustainable Investing Alerts: July 1, 2018 – July 15, 2018

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July 10, 2018
Due Diligence Alert:  MODERATE
Competitive Alert: 3
Event: Raymond James offers proprietary ESG model portfolios.
Briefing Points: i) Raymond James is operationalizing its first range of ESG 3-party sub-advised model portfolios: ii) The model portfolio offerings are proprietary to Raymond James’ advisors and will be overseen by the firms in-house due-diligence team: iii) ESG managers will be selected based upon their “dedication to a sustainability mandate”, their incorporation of ESG factors in their financial analysis process, and the presence of “dedicated resources and personnel” to ESG-related issues.
Affected Funds: Raymond James Freedom Model Portfolios
Asset Classes: US Equities and Fixed Income
Management Company: Raymond James Asset Management Services (St. Petersburg, FL)
DD Concern: New untested mandate and/or management team
Marketing Considerations: The proprietary nature of the new portfolios may reinforce the company’s reps position in the marketplace – it will lessen the possibilities of reps turning to other providers. It is not expected to result in near-to-mid term inroads into other firms’ ties to their reps, particularly over the near-to-mid term.

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