What are Publicly Listed Asset Managers Saying about Sustainable Investing/3Q/4Q 2019 Earnings Calls?

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The Bottom Line:  Senior executives at leading publicly listed asset management firms acknowledge the growing role and strategic importance of sustainable investing in their business.

What asset management companies are saying about sustainable (and ESG) investing? 

Based on publicly listed asset management company 3Q 4Q 2019 earnings calls comments and Q&A.  Coverage of excerpted comments related to sustainable investing made during the latest earnings conference calls.  Remarks are extracted from full earnings call transcripts and have not otherwise been edited or modified in any way.   

Q3/Q4 2019 earnings call references to sustainable and ESG investing in January to early February 2020 include:  Affiliated Managers Group, BlackRock, Federated Hermes, Invesco and Legg Mason.

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