Sustainable Investing Alerts: October 1 – October 15, 2018

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Oct. 10, 2018

Event: Calvert expands its ESG research team.
Briefing Point(s):
i) Calvert has added four new senior ESG specialists to its research team, which is headed by Director of ESG Research Jessica Milano, ii) Three of the new hires come from US Federal Agencies including: the Treasury Dept., Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and Dept. of Agriculture, iii) The additions are viewed as building capabilities to expanding into new product areas and market segments, including the advisory and plan sponsor markets.
Affected Fund(s): All Calvert Funds
Asset Classes: US and Non-US Equities and Fixed Income
Management Company: Calvert Research and Management (Washington, DC)
DD Concern: Consistency of investment analytics/research
Marketing Considerations: After downsizing prior to its acquisition by Eaton Vance, Calvert is on-track to reinforcing its already established position as a sustainable investment fund leader.  The firm is 6th largest based on its $13.4 billion in sustainable assets under management.  Its expansion into the “public services” sector is notable for strengthening its existing capabilities into growth area.

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