Sustainable Investment Funds Related Events: May 2020

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The Bottom Line: Of 23 material events identified in May 2020, eight events or 35% involved the introduction of new funds followed by personnel changes.

23 material events were identified in May 2020 including:

    • Eight events involved newly launched US- and non-US based funds or strategies events.
      • Five of these newly introduced funds were non-US based in markets as diverse as Russia & China.
      • Three were new US-based ESG funds or strategies.
    • Seven events involved sustainable management/Portfolio management personnel changes.
    • Two events involved changes in portfolio management process.
    • Two events captured the announcement of new analytical tools or research tools or indices.
    • One event involved a senior management change.
    • One event each pertaining to a fund closing as well as a merger, acquisition, divestiture or JV.
    • One fund made a change to their operational support platform.

One item captures a fund closing that occurred as of April 29 but not previously reported.

Refer to Table 1 for details.

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