Monthly Sustainable Cash Flows: October 2018

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Sustainable funds close October at $302.4 billion, giving up $19.5 billion due largely to market declines[1]
For only the second time so far this year, the total net assets of the universe of sustainable funds, including mutual funds, ETFs and ETNs, registered a month-over-month decline. The 1,100 sustainable funds ended the month of October with $302.4 billion in assets under management versus $321.9 billion at the end of September. The month-over-month decline in the amount of $19.5 billion is attributable to market depreciation that was estimated to account for an even larger $23.1 billion but for positive flows.  While the severe market reversal, as reflected by the S&P 500’s decline of 6.84%, took its toll, some of the pull-back due to market movement was offset by the largest estimated monthly net cash inflow into sustainable funds so far this year–an estimated $3.45 billion in net new money.  At the same time, repurposed funds contributed an additional $122.8 million.

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